17 Jan, 2024


  • Nearly 12kg weight loss

  • A healthier lifestyle achieved

  • New friends made

The challenge…
Ljubov felt she needed extra support in helping her to lose weight, get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle for her future.

“I joined the programme to lose my weight, as I’d previously tried it by myself, without results. I joined to so that I could have a professional coach in weight loss to support me on my journey.

“I wanted to achieve a significant weight loss, safely and under control.”

The support…

Our Health Coaches deliver informative sessions which support participants in making the necessary changes to benefit their everyday life now and in the future.

I needed somebody to guide me and explain all aspects of what I needed to do and to help me professionally. I learned all about healthy diets and lifestyles and different types of exercises. My Health Coach Naomi helped me so much, changing my mindset and I got a lot of practical tips for exercising.

What happened…

“Since attending the sessions with my Health Coach, I have lost nearly 12kg, with no stress or pain!

“I owe a lot to Naomi, for the changes I’ve been able to make with her support, and the impact it’s had on my weight and lifestyle. I couldn’t have lost all that weight without her empathy, patience, and highly professional attitude along the way. Thank you, Naomi!

“My plan is to continue meeting with my Health Coach and the friends that I’ve made at the programme.”