30 Aug, 2022


  • High blood pressure discovered

  • Critical advice and support provided

  • New medication and regular monitoring in place

The challenge...

Joe had been living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating well. One day a friend mentioned that she’d booked an NHS Health Check with Reed Wellbeing at the local community centre, so Joe decided to book one too - just to make sure all was OK.

Our support...

Joe met with Laura, our Health Check Practitioner, who carried out a comprehensive series of health tests.

Laura was concerned about Joe’s blood pressure, which she checked a number of times during his appointment and found was very high. She explained the problem to Joe, offering reassurance and encouragement for him to contact his GP for further tests.

Without the NHS Health Check, I may have been walking around with creeping blood pressure. I rang the venue as I wanted to update Laura and feedback on how wonderful the health check is.

What happened...

Joe’s GP confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed the medication he needed to bring his blood pressure down to safer levels. Without the NHS Health Check Joe would have been unaware of the problem, leaving him at risk of developing serious health conditions.

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