15 Sep, 2022


  • Hannah has learned how to prevent panic attacks

  • She’s improved her overall mood

  • She feels more confident and in control

The challenge…

Hannah struggled with overwhelming anxiety and frequent panic attacks. In her own words, "At the time of referral, I just wanted to be fixed quickly, and I was putting a huge amount of pressure on myself to do this and just 'get on with my life’.”

She had previously tried medications, which only helped short term, and said that her anxiety and mental health had reached a point where it completely derailed her life.

Our support…

Hannah has been on several group sessions and received one-to-one support from her Reed Wellbeing Health Coach, Natasha.

She has gained so much from the variety of group sessions she’s attended and can now fit shorter sessions into busy and stressful times, with more in-depth sessions when she has time and can focus more.

Hannah has learned how to use mindfulness to help reduce her panic attacks and feelings of being overwhelmed. She has also been able to improve her overall mood through the 4-part Mood Management course.

I have had so much support from the wellbeing program and my coach is amazing. I have been on several group courses, and they have helped me gain so much confidence in myself and in dealing with my anxiety.

What happened…

Hannah is using the techniques she’s learned to help prevent panic attacks in difficult situations. Knowing she can cope with these situations better means she’s more confident.

She also found the Mood Management course invaluable, saying, “It’s such a comprehensive overview of all the areas to consider when working on your mental health and has made me more conscientious of how aspects of my life have a positive/negative impact on my mood and overall mental health."

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