15 Sep, 2022


  • Bernard and his son achieved their 12-week quit

  • No longer out of breath

  • Reduced the risk of COPD

The challenge…

Now 68 years old, Bernard has smoked since 18, averaging around 20 roll-ups a day for the last 20 years. His GP had seriously advised him to quit as he was bordering on COPD, and his breathing had been getting worse.

Bernard was sceptical that nothing could get him to stop smoking because he felt he’d tried everything on offer to quit many times before - and always failed.

Our support…

Bernard lives with his son, who also smokes, so they decided to quit together to support each other and stay motivated and came to Reed Wellbeing.

We discussed using an e-cigarette to help them quit, which neither he nor his son had tried. We talked about how it worked and the weekly support they would get from us. They were both excited to give it a try.

I can’t thank the service enough for the support. They have been brilliant and they definitely help keep you motivated, knowing that you’ll be getting that call to see how you’re doing, and if you need any help or guidance.

What happened…

Bernard and his son have been amazed at how well they’ve done with the e-cigarette and have maintained their quits for 12 weeks so far. Bernard says his breathing is so much easier that he no longer gets out of breath going upstairs.

They both say they feel much healthier, that their home is smoke-free and smells much fresher, and they both now have extra money to treat themselves.

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