15 Nov, 2023


  • 15kg weight loss

  • Reduced blood sugars

  • Improved relationship with food and drink

The Challenge…
“I used to considered my diet healthy and drank alcohol within very reasonable limits. However, I didn't do as much exercise as I should have. I allowed my job to take over, and I wasn’t very active. It had consequences for my health. A blood test showed at was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Our Support…
“Because of my blood test, my GP referred me to the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme with Reed Wellbeing. The programme really helped me understand more about my habits and health. Since going through it, I now exercise every single day - rain or shine, holidays or not, unless I am sick. I include a lot more vegetables in my diet and I make vegetables central to my meals instead of a mere garnishing. I’ve started calorie monitoring. This is now an art and has enabled me to control my portion sizes.

What happened…

When I started, my blood sugar reading was 42, so I had just entered the prediabetic zone. Two blood tests later I am now at 39. Crucially, when I started the programme, I weighed in at 82.4kg and at session 12 of 13 I was exactly 67.4kg, a whopping 15kg in weight loss! I lost my ’lock down belly’ thankfully.

“My Health Coach on the programme, Sam, has been an excellent tutor. He is calming and professional. I have learned tonnes, and now my daughter, mum and auntie are all wearing smart watches to track our steps, we have all become fitness freaks as a result!

“Joining this programme has been transformative for me personally, in terms of my relationship with food and drink, and my family's relationship with exercise, food and drink. There has been a knock-on effect.”

We wish Paul and his family the best of luck on their healthier lifestyle journey!

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