15 Sep, 2022


  • Penny is no longer using alcohol to deal with stressful situations

  • She now has greater control over her drinking

  • She feels happier, and her finances have improved

The challenge…

Penny wanted to gain control of her drinking but found that her challenge was actually following through.

Every time she’d tried to drink less, she had failed, “I joined to understand how to reduce the amount I was drinking; I hoped to stop completely if I wasn't able to manage my drinking.”

Our support…

Penny worked with our Health Coach, Naomi, to help her reduce the amount of alcohol she was drinking. Naomi offered plenty of positive reinforcement and encouraged Penny to be honest with herself about her intake and how that affected her life.

Penny said that although she loved the check-ins, she knew she had to be accountable and honestly check on herself. She felt the sessions allowed her to recognise that alcohol was an issue for her and that she needed to manage her relationship with it more consciously.

I am happier and drinking is no longer my go-to for stress. In fact, I’ve been 3 weeks without it at all and the last time I drank it was controlled. My money situation has also improved.

What happened…

With ongoing support, Penny now feels that she’s getting her drinking under control. She’s been using a workbook, in between sessions, which has helped a lot and she said she found the suggestions for alcohol replacement and family advice really helpful.

She’s reducing the amount that she’s drinking and having periods without any alcohol.

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