15 Sep, 2022


  • Abbie is now a non-smoker

  • Feels less stressed during everyday life

  • She’s more confident and better off financially

The challenge…

Abbie, a stay-at-home mum to two young children, suffered from stress and anxiety and felt dependent on cigarettes to help her cope with her day-to-day life. Her husband had previously quit using our services so, with his encouragement, she got in touch.

Abbie's challenge was finding ways to cope If she chose not to smoke.

Our support…

In our first session, we worked together to help Abbie plan how she could cope when challenged with cravings to smoke. Abbie agreed to stop buying cigarettes and to try nicotine replacement therapy instead.

We focused on behaviour change methods, which Abbie chose herself. She started exercising every day, including walking more and deep breathing exercises. Regular support calls helped her through the good and bad days.

I really enjoyed the weekly support calls - they helped and encouraged me to keep on going with my not smoking. And there was always time to talk about how things were going - good or bad. I’m so grateful for all the support that has definitely helped me stop smoking for good.

What happened…

In regular weekly support calls, Abbie reflected on the health benefits of stopping, including how much better it was for her children’s health. She was pleased about the money she was saving too.

After completing her 12 weeks programme, she feels much healthier, is financially better off and isn’t having to worry about the children when going outside to smoke.

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