Health and wellbeing support

We offer group and one-to-one support to people who need help to manage or overcome health and wellbeing issues that are preventing them from working.

Our Wellbeing for Work service does not diagnose health conditions, provide medical support or advise on benefits. It instead looks at the pre-existing personal health and wellbeing circumstances of each individual and provides them with personal guidance on ways that a sustainable job could work for them.

Our expert Wellbeing Coaches are able to support people with a range of issues, including:

  • Mood management

  • Anxiety management

  • Stress management

  • Nutrition

  • Being more physically activity

  • Sleeping well

Our support is behaviour-change lead, so that changes that people can make are personal, realistic and sustainable.

Following referral, there are usually two ways to take part.

Our group sessions are delivered remotely. As well as providing expert support for specific health and wellbeing concerns, the sessions can help people to:

  • Increase their confidence

  • Develop IT skills

  • Prepare for future remote interviews

  • Feel less isolated

Our one-to-one support is provided over the phone. It is light-touch support that is useful for helping people experiencing low mood, anxiety, poor sleep, stress, and other health & wellbeing barriers.

Those who access our one-to-one service can receive support from a Wellbeing Coach for up to 14 weeks.


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