20 Mar, 2024


  • Michael feels happier

  • Over 15kg weight loss

  • Enjoying a more active lifestyle

The challenge…
“I was referred to Reed Wellbeing by my GP, as I was significantly overweight with a sedentary lifestyle, eating three large meals a day with late night snacks at weekends. My blood pressure and cholesterol were high, and I was on tablets to help control them.

“Throughout lockdown I gained a lot of weight, it was gradual but significant, I only noticed as I had to buy larger size clothes!”

Our support…
“From the first session I had a clearer understanding of the changes I needed to make, and I began to implement these into my activity, diet and eating behaviours. As the sessions went on, I became more confident and knowledgeable to make better choices, the understanding of portion size and a balanced food plate became key.

“As I learned more from the sessions, I began to use my smart phone, fitness apps and even bought a smart watch to help keep track of my steps and activity each day. Lockdown affected me in many ways, but I now have an understanding how to avoid common misunderstanding of food labelling, a balanced diet, and how empty calories can make an impact, and it is and will be life changing for me.

As a result of the programme and changes made, I’ve lost over 15kg in weight and five inches from my waist, and I am no longer pre-diabetic!

What happened…
“I started to exercise more by cycling and walking, these small changes made a big impact.
Instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV, I was out and about, this improved my physical and mental health. Such small changes had a huge impact, it made me more open to gardening, washing the car and cycling to the local shops rather than jumping in the car.

“These changes to my diet and lifestyle have resulted in eating better quality foods in smaller portions and having more energy. I am not back to where I was pre-lockdown, but in the nine months of being with NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme I have regained confidence and exercise is now an addition to my day. I am more energised and want to do more things, win, win!

“My life is not just back on track, it’s so much better than it was, and I feel happier and determined to keep up the good behaviours, with occasional relaxation for holidays. Throughout the programme, our Health Coach, Helen, has delivered these key life behaviours and targets in the best way possible. Thank you!”