21 Feb, 2024


  • Physically feeling better

  • Increased exercise and flexibility

  • Social aspect of group classes

The challenge...

Stuart told us that prior to joining, he ‘didn’t exercise at all’ and that upon joining the sessions he has learnt a lot about the importance and benefits of exercising daily.

The support...

Stuart joined Move More to help improve his flexibility and mobility.

Stuart said:

Move More was recommended to me by my wife, and since joining, I’ve been given guidance and useful information that has really benefitted not just me but my wife too.

What happened...

The exercises that Stuart has been taught in our sessions have not only motivated him to increase his exercise, but to include exercise in his everyday activity at home too. Stuart now looks forward to his Move More class each week and already is seeing the benefits of daily exercise for himself.

Watch Stuart's video to find out more.