Noel improves his health at 85 years old with the help of Healthier You

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Noel improves his health at 85 years old with the help of Healthier You

Noel recently joined the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme after discovering from a blood test that he was in a pre-diabetic state. His BMI was at the higher end, but he was still relatively fit, so it came as quite a surprise to him.

Noel was 85 years old when he joined the programme to help ensure he didn’t develop Type 2 diabetes by using both exercise and by taking greater care of his diet.

Alternatives to danger foods

Noel gained knowledge throughout the programme in both the group sessions and meetings one-to-one with his Healthier You Health Coach. He found that diet rather, than his weight, was his main problem. The programme helped him identify the alternatives to danger foods and gave him healthy and cost-effective shopping tips to help improve his diet.

Noel said:

“I think the biggest benefit is to have a much greater quantitative awareness of what I can and shouldn’t eat. Previously I had an intuitive approach about what foods were bad but now I can put numbers into the diet to shop and eat with confidence.

The 12% fall in my blood sugar reading speaks volumes for the guidance given.”

Group sessions

Noel was matched to one of our expert Health Coaches and explained that many people in his group dropped below the danger range even before the end of the programme. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic meaning sessions were held online rather than face-to-face, he was still able to learn ways to improve his health.

Noel commented: “I found the explanations clear and the arguments convincing. Experiences of the other members of the group were also very helpful.”

By the end of the programme, Noel lost weight and reduced his BMI to 22 – which places him within the healthy range, according to NHS guidelines. He told us he felt a great sense of achievement in reaching his target by using our support.

You can check your own Type 2 diabetes risk to see if you too could benefit from using our Healthier You service on our website or by calling 0800 092 1191 between 9am and 6pm.