Taking Some "Me Time"

Taking time for yourself, to do the things that make you happy, is incredibly important for your mental health. Need a little relaxation inspiration? We’ve got you covered

Keep Calm and Carry On - Ideas for Reducing Stress

Stress can suppress the immune system - so reducing stress levels can support the body to stay healthy.

Reducing stress can also support your mental wellbeing.

It may not be easy for everybody given the circumstances, but here are a few quick ideas for ways to reduce your stress levels while at home.

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Mental Wellbeing Tips

Creating structure and good habits is important for maintaining postive mental wellbeing during lockdown.

Here we share our top tips!

Lockdown Daily Planner

Our lifestyles and activities are all being affected by the lockdown period.

Using a daily planner is a great way to help you develop new routines and good habits, which can contribute to purpose and productivity. Both of these feelings can contribute to a sense of overall wellbeing. You can also use a daily planner to monitor and record your thoughts and moods.

If you are concerned about your mental health and wellbeing you can explore the resources and useful information on the NHS website.

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The Good Sleep Guide

Resting while will on lockdown is just as important as when you are move active. Lockdown presents challenges with changes to our routines and this can affect our sleep patterns.

Follow our nine top tips to help you get a regular, great night of rest.

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Our blogs provide a range of advice on manging your Mental Health during lockdown

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